A bit about us...

🕹️ Welcome to Arcadia Bar & Games 🍺

We burst onto the scene in March of 2023 and ever since, we’ve prided ourself on being the go-to premium retro arcade bar in this city that will take your night out to the next level!

Arcadia boasts two levels of pure, unadulterated nostalgia. We’re talking classic arcade games, plus American pool, skee-ball, air hockey and more. Seriously, don’t even get us started on the virtual darts! Basically – your inner kid is gonna have a meltdown when you see our games!

Now, let’s talk brews. We’ve got over 30 beers, and we don’t mess around. Local IPAs on tap, including the heavy hitters like Fierce Beer and Six Degrees North. We’ve also got cocktail game on lock, courtesy of the local legends at 10DollarShake. Their bespoke creations will make your taste buds do a victory dance and your instagram profile very happy, because they are as visually exciting as they are flavourful!

Hungry? We’ve got you covered. Big Mannys’ Pizza, the fave of Aberdeen, are slingin’ Detroit-style slices to pair with your favourite games and drinks.

Our atmosphere is always abuzz and our playlists ALWAYS bangin’. Every week, we’re hosting the infamous Arcademia night for all you students looking to let loose.

But wait, there’s more. You haven’t seen a screen until you’ve seen our GIANT 130 sq ft LCD screen. It’s the biggest in the ‘Deen, and it’s here to make your sports-watching dreams come true.

So, whether you’re here to conquer Pac-Man, sink that 8-ball, or just kick back with a cold one and soak in the vibes, Arcadia Bar & Games is where it’s at. We’re not your grandma’s joint, but we reckon she’d have a damn good time here too. Hope to see you there soon, player. 🕹️🍻