Register your playment card

why register?

Registering your playment card is quick and easy. 

Every PLAYMENT CARD comes with a unique number found on the top right corner on the reverse of the card, which means it can be registered to your details. By registering your card, you can ensure that your credit is still accessible should you lose your card. 

Registering your PLAYMENT CARD also means you will have access to exclusive offers and rewards, including free bonus credit and special birthday bonuses. 

Hang on, what even are playment cards?!

Our special PLAYMENT CARD feature within the bar allows you to access and play our arcade games with simple contactless payments. 

You can purchase your card from our bar or the self service kiosks on site for just £1.

Once you have your card, you can then load it with you chosen amount of credit to spend on the arcade machines.

Hold on to your card as it can be reused for future visits, by using our self service kiosks to top up your credit as and when needed. 

Arcadia bar & games

120 union street